Splash Frog Infographic Design
Splash Frog is a fictional frog themed waterpark for all ages with a focus on fun and education. The goal of the water park is to provide an area for relaxation and aims to become a place that people can trust to be fun for the whole family. Splash Frog is dedicated to educating its visitors about frogs and amphibians with helpful and fun infographics they provide. These Infographics are also helpful for learning more about the park itself, providing useful information about park hours, tube rentals, locker rentals, attractions, and even a park map.
The Trifold
The most important benefit of using a trifold is the ability to include a large amount of text, images, and information in a compact document. It's an excellent medium for infographics. A trifold utilizes both sides of the paper, providing an opportunity to include both text and images in an orderly and effective document that will have an immediate impact.
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