This project focuses on making visually appealing editorial layouts that clearly and easily present the information to the reader. Whenever a designer is designing a newspaper, newsletter, magazine, or digital publication it’s always important to keep in mind legibility. With clever use of typography and good use of white space and grids a designer can create a visually appealing editorial and keep it highly legible.
2 redesigned layouts of Steven Heller's editorial "Survival of the Fittest." 
Typographic hierarchy
You'll often find the most beautiful examples of typography in magazines but it's not about being fancy. Great editorial design has to have strong typographic structure, from body copy to headline display faces. Too many varying faces risk looking cluttered and lacking in voice. So, it's best to only use a small handful of complimentary faces.
Redesigned layout of Jason Gay's editorial "Cat Lawyers and Salad Bowl Drummers: the Enduring Case for Internet Joy." With the Illustrations done by me.  Link to the original.
Nagi Maehashi's online recipes redesigned in a cook-book format.  
Grid Systems 
Grid systems are critical to good editorial design. It's essential that you have a solid grid in place as this will form the backbone of your design, giving your pages their structure. However, it's also important to break out of those constraints on occasion.
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